July 02, 2012

I'll Remember..

Time flies so fast.. it never stop rotating.. it keeps on going and going and going.. everything that surrounds me has change.. but not my heart, it stops beating.. 

i believe that everything happens for a reason.. nothing is perfect in this world, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when their right.. sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together..  

Now that i'm standing on my own, i still remember the way that you saved me.. and the strength that you gave and taught me..

and the happiness... and the love...

I'll Remember....

i had a hard time composing my thoughts for today's post, coz i'm feeling so blue.. so instead of fighting off my feelings, i decided to write down what i conceive..
hope you like it.. 

June 29, 2012

Statement Shirt

Hi there!!

While waiting for the kids, i'm spending my time mostly here at Abreeza.. Chilling (window shopping), eating (cakesssss), drinking (coffee jelly)... AND sometimes i took a quick nap, in one of my favorite coffee shop, when i am sooooo tired...shhhhhhhh..... :P  

It has been my daily routine for quite some time now... :-)

So today i want to share what i wore. :-)
What do you think?

May 30, 2012

Hot Sheet

Hi everyone!
Today we're so bless to have a marvelous weather, isolated thundershowers... wishing everyday is like this...:)
So i was inspired to wear this dress.. i love how versatile it is, it looks pretty cool as a dress with a cut out side, and of course the combination of colors... i love how it fits perfectly to my body..
What do you think?

May 14, 2012


Happy Moms Day to all mommies out there... :)
Got a new name for my blog... MGS!  
What do you think?

here's my boy.. :)

April 15, 2012

Tribal luxe summer

It's been quite too long since the last post i had. Been very busy with my new work that's why. 
Hey! I finally got my hair curled!! After a long planning and saving up, finally i got it! Well thanks to my friend Marga. If it was not for her, my hair would still be straight up to now. We both curled our hair.. :)

Summer is in! So i thought of wearing this outfit today. Great for stroll at the beach or even the malls.

I love this maxi tribal print skirt coz it gives a cool and intriguing vibe that feels so perfect with summer. The great thing about this piece is that there are so many ways you can flux them into your wardrobe. I incorporate it with button down top and add some accessories and voila.. A look that is a head turner.:)
What you think?


accessoriesMychiq Onlineshop
sandal: Island Girl
skirt: Sabrina

February 19, 2012

Ordinary day

Hello there!

Have you ever experienced that when you wake up you  felt lazy already? Well today i did felt it, and i'm not liking it. I hate feeling lazy coz it will only lead me to do things done by lazy people too (no offense ^-^)..
eat... watch tv... eat... sleep... eat... and more eating... grrrr.... diet crashed!
Even coming up with an outfit today resulted to tooo basic.. but still i'm hoping you STILL like it..
What do you think?

lazy pose... :(
The weather outside was so cool so i prefer to wore this blue basic top.

simple pose.. lazy..
Just want to give a smallest effort, i added bright colors accessories to at least contrast the very basic get up i had

sorry for the same pose.. :(
This footwear is my favorite ever. It's so comfy.. suite to wear on an ordinary day.

Well there goes my day which i'm just trying to get by..


top: Mango

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