February 19, 2012

Ordinary day

Hello there!

Have you ever experienced that when you wake up you  felt lazy already? Well today i did felt it, and i'm not liking it. I hate feeling lazy coz it will only lead me to do things done by lazy people too (no offense ^-^)..
eat... watch tv... eat... sleep... eat... and more eating... grrrr.... diet crashed!
Even coming up with an outfit today resulted to tooo basic.. but still i'm hoping you STILL like it..
What do you think?

lazy pose... :(
The weather outside was so cool so i prefer to wore this blue basic top.

simple pose.. lazy..
Just want to give a smallest effort, i added bright colors accessories to at least contrast the very basic get up i had

sorry for the same pose.. :(
This footwear is my favorite ever. It's so comfy.. suite to wear on an ordinary day.

Well there goes my day which i'm just trying to get by..


top: Mango

February 16, 2012

Tangerine Jeggings

Hello there!
How was your Heart's Day? Hope you had a wonderful time with your love ones! Well for those couples who didn't spent quality time yesterday, fear not..!! You can still celebrate Valentine's Day today, tomorrow, next week, next month and any day of the month. Trust me, because for me, everyday is a Valentine's Day!! Love, Love, Love, Love....... ;)
and flowers and chocolates are more cheaper... =)

Today I've decided to wear colorful stripes tops. Pairing it with this bright cheerful tangerine jeggings really compliments my entire outfit, plus this cute floral shoes which i got it from china town at a very low price! Cool isn't it?

Hope you like my style today!

irk! what happen to my face.. :(

Thank you and hope you had a wonderful day today!



bottom and bag: Soul Lifestyle
Left bracelet: Parfois
Right bracelet: SM Department Store 
shoes and ringChina Town

February 14, 2012

I Heart!

Hello there!

A quick insight. Today it's Saint Valentine's Day, simply known as Valentine's Day, celebrated around the world. It is a holiday noted on February 14 honoring the early Christian martyr named Saint Valentine. Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and lovers. So for today I decided to wear a very girly yet flirty outfit. I added edgy accessories to spice up my outfit. I wore this big heart necklace to send my love to my families, love, friends...... and enemies... ^_^

Hope you like my outfit for today!
pleassseee.. don't mind the face.. 

Thank you and have a wonderful day today!
Happy Heart's DayTo All!! 



short: Kamiseta
accessories: Prelovedby Mychiq
shoes: Primadonna

February 12, 2012

Turning point

Hello there! =)

Just want to share what i wore yesterday, a post birthday outfit.  

a gift from my sistah... =)

Thank you for browsing. Hope you love it! 
Have a fantastic week! =)


blazer: SM Department Store
lace top and bandage skirt: Soul Lifestyle
shoesChina Town

February 11, 2012


Hello there! =)

Yesterday was my Bday! Yup! I am 3+0 and still looking HOT! (that's what they keep on saying!) ;)

They say that 3+0 is special, because you're officially mature and a responsible adult who has the ability to make important decisions. When i was at the age of twenty, i don't seem to care what the world thinks of me; all i knew was that i am horrified to reach thirties.... but now i'm at my thirty, i felt pressured! I felt everyone around me is watching me... judging me...
So what if i'm freaking 3+0.. Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.. so i decided to grow......(gonna leave it hanging) :P
and beside age is just a number and mine is unlisted.. hehehe.. :)
So here are some photos shot by my sistah.. thank you sis.. and hope you all enjoy it..

Kimono by Flights of Fancy
bought this bottom from SM department
bought the red top on SALE! seductive isn't it!?! :)

love this ribbon belt

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. So enjoy the trip!"

Thank you for reading it! mwuahhhh...


kimonoFlights of Fancyhttp://shopfofclothing.multiply.com/
top: Sunny Side Up
bottom: SM Department Store
shoes: Primadonna

February 08, 2012


weird smile.. :P
But only by plane and not by bus... I easily get nauseous especially roads that has so many curves, been like this since i was a child and up to now... :( 
For me to be able to fight this motion sickness, i must hold the wheels, but how supposed do you think the bus driver will allow me to drive his bus? Oh heck!.. :P

I opt for comfort when i travel. My flight uniform, well, had change from fully covered down to comfort, loose top, short shorts, slippers (for easy take off and slip on during airport security check) and few accessorize..

"echuserang" star... :)

bag from Artwork..cool isn't?

very very light baggage...
waiting for our flight...

still waiting...

Thank you for reading... :)

ohhh.. this pics? just want to share.. ;P

thanks to my sistah for the pics...

Top and Bag : Artwork
Bottom : Sunny Side Up
Ring : Parfois
Bracelet : Magarbo

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