February 16, 2012

Tangerine Jeggings

Hello there!
How was your Heart's Day? Hope you had a wonderful time with your love ones! Well for those couples who didn't spent quality time yesterday, fear not..!! You can still celebrate Valentine's Day today, tomorrow, next week, next month and any day of the month. Trust me, because for me, everyday is a Valentine's Day!! Love, Love, Love, Love....... ;)
and flowers and chocolates are more cheaper... =)

Today I've decided to wear colorful stripes tops. Pairing it with this bright cheerful tangerine jeggings really compliments my entire outfit, plus this cute floral shoes which i got it from china town at a very low price! Cool isn't it?

Hope you like my style today!

irk! what happen to my face.. :(

Thank you and hope you had a wonderful day today!



bottom and bag: Soul Lifestyle
Left bracelet: Parfois
Right bracelet: SM Department Store 
shoes and ringChina Town

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