April 15, 2012

Tribal luxe summer

It's been quite too long since the last post i had. Been very busy with my new work that's why. 
Hey! I finally got my hair curled!! After a long planning and saving up, finally i got it! Well thanks to my friend Marga. If it was not for her, my hair would still be straight up to now. We both curled our hair.. :)

Summer is in! So i thought of wearing this outfit today. Great for stroll at the beach or even the malls.

I love this maxi tribal print skirt coz it gives a cool and intriguing vibe that feels so perfect with summer. The great thing about this piece is that there are so many ways you can flux them into your wardrobe. I incorporate it with button down top and add some accessories and voila.. A look that is a head turner.:)
What you think?


accessoriesMychiq Onlineshop
sandal: Island Girl
skirt: Sabrina


  1. Nice outfit, pang-summer talaga.
    Join my giveaway :)


    1. hi ms verna.. tnx and super sorry for my late reply.. been very busy lately.. :)


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