February 08, 2012


weird smile.. :P
But only by plane and not by bus... I easily get nauseous especially roads that has so many curves, been like this since i was a child and up to now... :( 
For me to be able to fight this motion sickness, i must hold the wheels, but how supposed do you think the bus driver will allow me to drive his bus? Oh heck!.. :P

I opt for comfort when i travel. My flight uniform, well, had change from fully covered down to comfort, loose top, short shorts, slippers (for easy take off and slip on during airport security check) and few accessorize..

"echuserang" star... :)

bag from Artwork..cool isn't?

very very light baggage...
waiting for our flight...

still waiting...

Thank you for reading... :)

ohhh.. this pics? just want to share.. ;P

thanks to my sistah for the pics...

Top and Bag : Artwork
Bottom : Sunny Side Up
Ring : Parfois
Bracelet : Magarbo

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