February 11, 2012


Hello there! =)

Yesterday was my Bday! Yup! I am 3+0 and still looking HOT! (that's what they keep on saying!) ;)

They say that 3+0 is special, because you're officially mature and a responsible adult who has the ability to make important decisions. When i was at the age of twenty, i don't seem to care what the world thinks of me; all i knew was that i am horrified to reach thirties.... but now i'm at my thirty, i felt pressured! I felt everyone around me is watching me... judging me...
So what if i'm freaking 3+0.. Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.. so i decided to grow......(gonna leave it hanging) :P
and beside age is just a number and mine is unlisted.. hehehe.. :)
So here are some photos shot by my sistah.. thank you sis.. and hope you all enjoy it..

Kimono by Flights of Fancy
bought this bottom from SM department
bought the red top on SALE! seductive isn't it!?! :)

love this ribbon belt

"A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. So enjoy the trip!"

Thank you for reading it! mwuahhhh...


kimonoFlights of Fancyhttp://shopfofclothing.multiply.com/
top: Sunny Side Up
bottom: SM Department Store
shoes: Primadonna

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